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Leave Policy Dispute Resolved Mid-Hearing

December 4, 2018Arbitrator Javits issued a decree to confirm the arrangement he'd brokered between the parties.  The settlement reimburses Philadelphia employees who were impacted by a policy that local Management instituted without announcment to employees.


Notification Grievance Gets Results

November 21, 2018Local Officers in Houston filed a grievance over lack of Agency explanation for how production quotas would be affected by system malfunctions.  The grievance was resolved by system downtime being provided to offset the delays.


Contract Bargaining Tentatively Concluded

November 8, 2018Union and Management negotiators met again with a federal mediator.  After three days of bargaining, the parties finished off the remaining contract issues in dispute.  Ahead lies the consolidation of all the 33 articles into one document, followed by Agency Head Review.


FLRA Denies Agency Attempt to Appeal Hiring Decision

October 22, 2018The Federal Labor Relations Authority issued its ruling on Passport Service's attempt to overturn an arbitration decision.  The Agency's arguments that the arbitrator had incorrectly found the Agency in violation were determined without merit.


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

October 17, 2018The Union defended a reprimanded employee.  The employee had reported an individual's internal controls violation, but when the employee failed to incriminate the person to Management's satisfaction, it disciplined the employee who came forward.


Local Mourns Loss of Houston Employee

September 12, 2018Sad news out of Houston concerns the untimely death of Stylianos Vackimes.  Mr. Vackimes, a longtime union member, was known his great sense of humor and general zest for life.  He will be missed by his many friends and co-workers


IAM College Scholarship Competition Open

September 11, 2018Local 1998 members and their children can now apply for the 2019 IAM Scholarship Competition.  .Further details on the scholarship and the application are available here.


Judge Sides with NFFE, Strikes Down Trump E.O.'s

August 24, 2018District Court Judge Brown Jackson issued a decision on the lawsuit filed by the National Federation of Federal Employees (and other unions).  The suits were a reaction to three Executive Orders which made it easier to fire federal employees and weakened their representation.  The judge ruled that the Executive Orders violated the  intent of the Labor Management Relations Statute. 


Survey Results Reflect Generally Low Morale

July 30, 2018An employee survey administered by the IAMAW Communications Department concluded today.  Employees expressed high approval on their ability to get annual leave granted when needed.  However, employees expressed considerable dissatification with the excessively nit-picking nature of performance supervision. 


Negotiations Conclude on Abbreviation Exceptions

July 16, 2018 The Agency and Local 1998 concluded revisions to an old agreement.  Passport Specialist are charged errors for deviating slightly from specific notations .  The new agreemet expands list of approved exceptions.


Agency Ruled Too Slow on Computer Notifications

July 4, 2018Arbitrator Joshua Javits issued his decision for a 2017 grievance.  He sided with the Union, ruling that the Agency Management was too slow in sending notifications about measurability on days when inoperable computer systems hampered employee production.


Another Schedules Agreement Wraps in New England

June 28, 2018Vermont Management and Union revised the local work schedules agreement.


Student Interns Unable to Obtain School Credit

May 31, 2018 Passport Headquarters confirmed that it would not enter into agreement with colleges, even if that was a prerequisite for its student intern hires to get school credit for their work with the Agency.


Mediation Produces ARP Agreement

May 10, 2018National Union Officers reached agreement over an Acquisition Review Panel agreement with Agency Management at a Seattle mediation session.  Though the panel itself was recently retired, the work procedures that accompanied it are still in effect.


Local 1998 Grievance Produces LA Promotion

April 4, 2018 An employee was promoted after the filing of a Union grievance concerning unwarranted promotion delays.  The Agency response pledged to backdate the promotion to January, 2018.


Local Settlement Mitigates Need for Hearing

March 27, 2018 Management and Local 1998 reach a settlement agreement to resolve a grievance.  The Agency agreed to withdraw its allegations that Union proposals about passport databases went beyond what it was obligated to negotiate.


Compensatory Time Grievance Settled

March 18, 2018A long-delayed arbitration dispute was finally put to rest, with no need for another hearing.  Management and the Union came to terms for when employees can claim comp time as payment for overtime work.  The agreement takes effect at the end of April.


Denial of Accomodation Found Unlawful

February 22, 2018A ruling by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commssion determined that the Detroit Passport Agency discriminated against an employee by refusing to provide any of the dozen reasonable acommodations he had requested.  EEOC ruled that the lack of helpfulness exhibited by the DRAD division violated the law. 


Deal Reached for After-Hours Rotation

January 11, 2018 Stewards at the Washington Passport Agency finalized a new Duty Officer Agreement, covering employees called in to work after hours.




Officers from Houston, San Juan, Portsmouth and Seattle take part in collective bargaining training


Secretary Treasurer Amanda Booher leads a bargaining simulation

Bargaining to settle arbitration procedures

Union and Management meet in a hotel lobby to hammer out a deal on arbitration procedures.



Winpisinger Center

NFFE 1998 officers from San Diego, Detroit, Connecticut and Tucson attend Collective Bargaining Course


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