Collective Bargaining Agreement between Passport Services &
NFFE Local 1998

(CFC # 11195)

Guide Dogs of America
(CFC # 11873)

  Union Websites & Information

This webpage has links to unions and organizations connected to IAMAW FD1 NFFE Local 1998.  Scroll down below in this column to see links to other NFFE, IAMAW, and NFFE local links.  On the right are links to popular federal employee resources as well as federal employee news services.  On the left are links to the following:

         NFFE Local 1998’s Facebook fanpage

         The IAMAW’s website

         NFFE National’s website

         The Passport Services and NFFE Local 1998 CBA

         Contact Congress link

         Union Plus benefits for Union members

         GEICO’s Union discount

         Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund

         Guide Dogs of America’s

NFFE Local 1998 is one of nearly two hundred locals that make up the National Federation of Federal Employees, or NFFE(Pictured at right: presentation of NFFE License plate from NFFE Local 1998 to NFFE in front of the old NFFE building.)  NFFE affiliated with the IAMAW in 1999, thus becoming a member of the AFL-CIO. 



  NFFE & IAMAW Websites 


Winpisinger Center - The IAMAW's William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, Maryland (pictured at right)


IAMAW Government Employees Department - Provides information, training, education, and guidance to IAMAW federal locals. 


NFFE - National Federation of Federal Employees


IAMAW - International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers


AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor, Congress of Industrial Organizations


Southern Labor Archives - Georgia State University's labor archives, including records and collections from the IAMAW and NFFE



  Other NFFE Local Websites

Local 1 NFFE Local 1 - Fort Miley, VAMC, San Francisco, CA (Veterans Affairs) 
Local 276 NFFE Local 276 - Forest Products Lab (Madison, WI) (Forest Service) 
Local 1450 NFFE Local 1450 - Housing Urban Development, California
Locals 1840, 1855 & 1967 NFFE Locals 1840, 1855, and 1967 - Civilian Conservation Corps Centers
Local 1981 NFFE Local 1981 - Pacific Southwest RO (Forest Service) 
Local 1998  NFFE Local 1998 - Passport Services employees nationwide (Department of State) 
Local 2109 NFFE Local 2109 - Watervliet Arsenal, New York 
Local 2152 NFFE Local 2152 - BLM California (Bureau of Land Management)
Local 2196 NFFE Local 2196 - Forest Service IT Workers


  NFFE Council Websites 

Forest Service NFFE Forest Service Council
GSA NFFE General Services Administration Council  
IHS NFFE Indian Health Services Council
Veterans Affairs NFFE Veterans Affairs Council


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 Federal Employee News
Federal Soup Publisher of the “Federal Employees News Digest”.  Online service for federal and postal employees.


Regularly-updated union news
FEDweek Information for federal employees and retirees.
Federal News Service Transcripts of events relevant to federal employees.
FederalTimes.com News & Info for federal managers.
Federal News Radio Website and online radio show hosted by Mike Causey.
Feddesk.com Obtain free federal employees handbooks.

Government Executive Magazine: news and information for federal employees.
Federal Insider Washington Post articles on federal employee issues by Joe Davidson