NFFE 1998 and the Vaccination Mandate

Good day to one and all, As everyone may or may not be aware, President Biden signed an executive order on September 9, 2021, requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccinations.  This is one of those days that everyone will likely remember for the rest of their lives.  Based on the current dialogue in our homes, our […]

NFFE1998 Request for COVID Support

Due to the recent surge in COVID cases in passport centers and agencies around the country, the Union has sought support from Management to manage the risks. These proposals include returning to the flexible approach that had previously been implemented and had helped reduce the spread of COVID at offices for the past year and […]

Union Updates

As the end of the fiscal year starts to draw near, we felt it was time once again to touch on a couple of topics that seem to be hot button issues now. The first issue that we want to talk about is the recent topic of COVID vaccine attestation and issues wrapped around the […]

DOS to Require Vaccine Attestation

The NFFE 1998 national officers just received word from PMO that OMB and OPM are going to start requiring Vaccine Attestations from all DOS employees. This will most likely go live as early as tonight. The Union is in a tough spot here because though they are willing to bargain with us on this, they […]

NFFE1998 Stance on Vaccinations

  Dear brothers and sisters of NFFE Local 1998,   As we all know, there has been much to read in the news about Vaccinations for Federal Employees.  Even though it is becoming clearer every day that this is not a mandatory requirement, we feel it is important to make our stance known as NFFE1998.  […]

Union Comments on the State of Passports

The Union was recently asked to comment on the current state of affairs in passports. Speaking for the Union, NFFE1998 President Lee Wentz addressed concerns regarding the current states of PPT as well as the ever-growing backlog of applications. The full article can be read here.

NFFE1998 Statement on the Passport Backlog

  By April of 2020, the Department of State complied with local lockdown orders and closed all passport agencies due to the threat of the COVID-19 Pandemic. All bargaining unit employees were placed on Weather and Safety Leave. Teleworking was not an option due to long standing State Department policy.  That all changed on June […]