Month: April 2021

Outlook of PPT

Good day to one and all, We hope everyone is well and the spring weather is bringing hope for a brighter future. As your NFFE1998 National Officers, we would like to let folks know what we see on the horizon and an update on some of the ongoing issues we are working on. If you […]

MIS Outage Concerns

It has recently come to the attention of the Union that issues involving MIS have potentially impacted the work of Passport Specialists throughout the country. These downtimes have resulted in work not being properly counted, which potentially effects the overall production numbers of Specialists. The Union has requested that all agencies check their MIS reports […]

Request for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Despite the critical nature of our work and the unique social and production aspects, the current vaccine distribution plan from Management has not included most Passport Centers and Agencies. Few domestic office outside of the D.C. region have been given the opportunity to receive the vaccine. The Union has requested that these efforts are extended […]

Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund

An element of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund is intended to provide assistance and leave for those in need of it during the current COVID crisis. Despite being approved by Congress and signed by the President, Management has yet to provide information regarding implementation of the program. […]