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U.S. State Department Updates Guidance: Leave for Quarantine & Isolation

The U.S. State Department continues to keep employees informed daily about health and safety concerning COVID-19, either with reminders and/or new information. Yesterday, with an all hands notice to U.S. State Department employees, guidance was provided on important situations involving COVID-19. The guidance explained instances such as a telework reminder, being healthy and subject to […]

COVID-19 “Stay At Home” Disregarded by Management: At Risk is Public Health & Safety

As COVID-19 spreads nationwide, leading to the carnage of closing twenty-one passport offices and leaving twelve passport offices still open, state and local officials have issued “shelter in place, stay at home orders” in many states and municipalities limiting movement of persons. Individuals not adhering to these orders in some areas, include fines and jail. […]

AWS and COOP – Management and Union Partner-up, Expanded services in Minneapolis Passport Office

With the wrath of COVID-19 closing and restricting passport offices nationwide, this did not stop the Management and Union at the Minneapolis Passport Office with still offering limited services to the public during these times. The Management and Union made an Alternate Work Schedule Plan for a Continuity Of Operations Plan (COOP) to still render […]

COVID19 – A Message From Your National Officers

From Your National Officers:   Please know that we understand and share your concerns regarding Passport Services and Covid-19 virus. We are in contact with Headquarters on what has become a daily basis to communicate those concerns to them and to get the most current information available. We are diligently working on proposals to present […]

NFFE 1998 Elections Results

The results are in and here are NFFE Local 1998’s elected leaders. President:  Lee Wentz Vice President:  Boyd Hinton Recording Secretary:  Jason Vick Secretary-Treasurer:  Ryan Gallerani Conductor-Sentinel: Tony Shimmin Auditors:  No Candidates Nominated Trustees:  Anton Moyseyenko, Corinne Nielson and Robin Mullen Office Committee Members:  Conor McGee, Dana Sibley and Tony Shimmin Senior Stewards AFO:  Lu […]

Your NFFE 1998 Election Candidates List is Posted

The candidates for the 2019 NFFE 1998 Election are now available on this website for view by all registered NFFE 1998 website users.  How do you become a NFFE 1998 Website registered user?  If you are already a dues paying member, just click here and register for the website. *Or become a dues paying member by completing the SF-1187 […]

NFFE 1998 Elections Update

Good Afternoon from the Election Committee, In preparation for the upcoming union election, some nominators received notices regarding a deadline of October 18, 2019 for nominees to respond to their nomination.  As with any large undertaking the Election Committee has fallen slightly behind, and as a result we are pushing back the deadline for nominees […]