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Passport Workers Warn Agency is ‘Woefully Understaffed’ – ‘Pain Ahead’ for U.S. Travelers

Washington, D.C. – In recent years, the Bureau of Consular Affairs—the agency within the State Department that is responsible for issuing U.S. passports—has become significantly understaffed. Consequently, the amount of time needed to obtain a passport has increased dramatically for the millions of people requesting passports each year. Internal documents at the Department of State reflect […]

Scholarship Opportunity for NFFE-IAM Members

The Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA) is currently offering two scholarship opportunities for NFFE-IAM members and their families. Ranging from $1000-$5000, the competition is accepting applications for eligible individuals attending or planning to attend an institution for higher learning. Although the majority of scholarships are awarded for undergraduate students, awards are also granted […]

FLRA Finds Agency Must Promptly Update Employees

The Federal Labor Relations Authority ruled on an arbitration appeal by the Agency.  An arbitrator had ruled on the Agency’s consistenly-glitchy computer systems.  He found that Management failed to provide timely updates on how employees’ production expectations would be affected by systems failures.  The FLRA determined the original decision was correct in finding the two-hour notification deadline […]

Investigative Interviews of Employees Challenged

An arbitrator ruled on the question of whether Management enjoys unlimited freedom to edit forms referenced in the contract that impact employees.  Aribitrator McConnell ruled that the Agency’s edits to the Garrity and Kalkines forms were improper, requiring notification to the union. The Agency was ruled responsible for all arbitration fees.