A message regarding 2023 dues from the President, Randy Erwin, from our parent union, NFFE:


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As the end of the year quickly approaches, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a warm holiday season and thank you for your support of our great union throughout the year. 2022 brought federal employees and our union some challenges, but with your solidarity and the commitment of our dedicated staff, NFFE has managed to turn those challenges into opportunities. Our union is growing stronger and more resilient each year, and we could not do it without our members.

In the last year, NFFE has once again renewed its commitment to strengthening our power by recruiting more members, and as a result, we have increased our capacity to fight for what is important to federal employees. 2022 has seen NFFE fight for and secure the largest pay increase for federal employees in the last 20 years. In the Forest Service, our efforts have resulted in boot stipends, retention bonuses, and the creation of the Workforce Flexibility Act. Across the VA and DoD, member-approved contracts have been restored, and we have regained the rights we bargained for fair and square. NFFE now has access to the highest levels of government on critical Agency-wide changes, and as a result, NFFE members have real power they did not have before.

While we’ve experienced some significant wins in the last year, we have also struggled with an uncertain economy that has often made it difficult for the working families we represent to make ends meet. We hear your frustrations about high prices at the grocery store and the gas pump, and we have also heard your concerns about the rising cost of our dues. Without dues paying members, NFFE could not have accomplished any of what it has in the last year. We depend on your support to keep fighting for federal employees, and we thank you for continuing to make your commitment to this union a priority.

With our annual increase soon taking effect, we have received some questions from our members about how and why changes in our dues take place. First, it’s important to understand that all dues increases are a result of IAM constitutional provisions that delegates (NFFE elected Local members) vote on every four years at convention. The dues rate is tied to the rate of inflation. As the cost of goods increases, so too do our membership fees. I do not play any role in deciding to increase dues, nor does our National Executive Council.

We appreciate that almost everyone is making sacrifices this year and an increase in dues is challenging for many. Please be aware and take advantage of all the opportunities and discounts that are only available to our dues paying members to offset this increase. Members who take advantage of our free college tuition, supplemental health benefits, and discounts on all the things you already buy through Union Plus can more than cover their entire cost of annual membership.

To assist our locals who may be fielding questions from their membership on how and why our dues have increased, our team has put together an informational flyer to explain further. Please print it out and post it on your union bulletin boards and disseminate it to your members.

Again, thank you for all that you do to make sure federal employees voices are heard in the workplace, at the bargaining table, and on Capitol Hill. This union does not exist without union members like you. You stepped up to be a part of this movement, to bring positive change to your work lives. These victories are yours. With every victory, and each member contribution, we build even more power and capacity to make even greater impact for good. It is truly my honor to serve as your President, and I look forward to another groundbreaking year for our union in 2023.

In Solidarity,

Randy Erwin
National President
National Federation of Federal Employees


Emilie Wardrip

By Emilie