Clearly as of Friday March 20, 2020 the US Department of state was not able to make a life affirming decision to close the domestic passport offices for each and every dedicated employee that is still showing up to work, to serve a public that is being told to not leave the United States, or get home from abroad as soon as possible.  

With cities, counties, and states locking down and asking folks to not leave their homes, even though the work we all do every day is important, it seems extremely shortsighted to think that our work can’t be postponed for a week or a month.  So with that being said and you don’t feel like you can self-identify for WSL then please know that you have other options to not be in the office if you feel that you should not be commuting to work in the foreseeable future.

As your National Officers argued and negotiated for workplace flexibility or close the offices all together over the last week, the final request that one of us will make each and every day is to close the offices and let us all go home.  

And as the day came to an end on Friday, the last request made by your National Officers to Headquarters was to please close our offices.  If the IRS can close, then there is no reason we can’t close.

Please be safe and make the decision that is most right for you.


NFFE National Officers.