Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) and Joint Memos

FURLOUGH AGREEMENT:   Procedures used to determine which employees are allowed to work during furloughs periods : MOU 4-08-2011 

ERGONOMIC EQUIPMENT: MOA negotiated by Union and Management regarding ergonomic equipment: MOA 2-25-2010

PIERS SEARCH LOG: MOU negotiated by Union and Management regarding auditing of passport files (PIERS): MOU 8-14-2008 

ADJUDICATOR JOB ELEMENTS: New Passport Specialists performance elements: Joint Memo 5-23-2008 

PASSPORT ACCEPTANCE/CONTRACTORS: MOU signed by Union and Management to resolve Unfair Labor Practice charge regarding Management’s decision to contract out the passport application execution/acceptance function: MOU 1-29-2008

7 FAM 1340 #1: An MOU prompted by revisions to the Foreign Affair Manual.  This MOU gets into allowable variations on notations.  A new agreement was negotiated in 2018.

7 FAM 1340 #2MOU covering revisions to 7 FAM 1340 implemented in 2014 and 2015

7 FAM 1350Agreement regarding details of adjudicating applications for children, as well as translations 6-11-15

Appendix C: Mid-2015 MOU regarding the name change section of the Foreign Affairs Manual

Appendix AAAgreement that attempts to protect employees from performance harm caused by computer system failures 5-27-16

Acquisition Review Panel: The parties negotiated an  Agreement pertaining to derivative citizenship cases 5-10-18.

COVID 19 National MOU: The parties negotiated an MOU that allows for adjustments to various agreements to allow for proper guidelines to be followed during the COVID 19 crisis.

Audio Visual Recordings: The parties negotiated an MOU that clarifies the ability of the agency(specifically DS) to record interviews with employees.

Union Reps in TO & LE and Official Time for Officers: The parties negotiated an MOU regarding the distribution of Official Time for Senior Stewards in PPT/LE and PPT/TO as well as the amount of Official Time for the Secretary-Treasurer and Recording Secretary. 05/2021