MSPB Documents relating to NFFE Local 1998 and/or Passport Services

MSPB Report: “The Department of State received a suggestion for formatting the agency’s open announcements for job bids. By using the suggested format, the agency was able to transmit the information in less time. Another employee suggested a way to paste passport pictures. The machine readable passport is also the result of an employee suggestion.” Appendix G: Examples of Suggestions Adopted by the Agencies Surveyed, from the MSPB publication, “GETTING INVOLVED: Improving Federal Management with Employee Participation” – page 101 (May 1986)

Whistleblower Reprisal: The MSPB ruled against the OSC regarding the charge that the Passport Office had retaliated against an employee of the New York Passport Office when it had reassigned him. While the MSPB agreed that the “whistleblowing was a significant factor in the agency’s action, the agency had shown that it would have taken the same action regardless….”: Special Counsel v. Department of State (Rohrmann) – page 22 (1982 Calendar Year Report)

Whistleblower Reprisal: The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) obtained a stay for a passport examiner who alleged mismanagement: U.S. Department of State [Rohrmann] – page 28 (1980 Calendar Year Report)