NFFE National Membership

Benefits of Membership
NOTE: Though this web page is located on NFFE Local 1998’s website, this web page is intended for ANY federal bargaining unit employees that are interested in joining the National Federation of Federal Employees.  It contains internal Union business only which must be read on personal/non-work time (such as breaks, lunch, and before/after work)

To become a dues-paying member of the National Federation of Federal Employees, you can apply online here or you can fill out an SF-1187 and submit it via mail.  As of January 2019, the dues are $27.49 per biweekly pay period.  If you have any difficulty submitting the online form, or if the dues deductions do not start within two pay periods, contact Business Representative Rob Arnold.

Filling Out the Online Application
• Fill in your first and last name
• Fill in your normal mailing address
• For the Agency box, list the federal agency you work for and your specific office name
• Choose the state where your office is physically located
• Fill in the last 4 digits of your Social Security number
• Provide an email address (you may need to adjust your spam settings so that any emails from NFFE will be received in your inbox)
• Click the box that begins, “I understand and accept…”
• Click on the Submit button

After you fill in the boxes and select “submit,” the online application will generate a Standard Form 1187  – Request for Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues, which will sent electronically to the National Federation of Federal Employees for processing.


How to Complete the SF-1187 in Hard Copy:
• Fill in your full legal name
• Fill in the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
• Leave the timekeeper information blank, unless you know it
• Use your normal mailing address
•Write your office code, (e.g.,  DOS/CA/PPT/SE)

Section A
 Do not write anything in the “authorized official” block, the union officer will complete this section

Section B
• Fill in the NFFE Local you belong to (e.g. NFFE 1998)
• Sign and date the form

Where and how to mail the Hard Copy SF-1187:
You can ask your Union representative to mail the form for you

Do NOT use government envelopes or postage to mail the form