Agency “Cell Phone” Restrictions Are Revised, DAS Rebuilding Trust at Department of State: Passport Services

Rachel Arndt, Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Passport Services, eases restrictions with cell phone usage in passport offices for employees. She notified employees in passport offices on March 23rd, via e-mail and a revised policy Memo describing employee responsibilities under this new policy, and also reaffirming Core Values of Our People, Integrity “by boosting morale…, valu[ing] feedback and repairing trust…”

As Ms. Arndt quotes to employees, “When we launched our Core Values last fall, I initiated the process of reviewing our PED policy…These are challenging times, and this policy will allow you to be more readily accessible while at work.  I know I can trust in all of you to ensure that [ information ] is safeguarded at all times. Thank you for your resilience and continued commitment to our mission and to each other.”

Back in December 2019, Union President Lee Wentz penned a letter to Ms. Arndt requesting a consideration for review of policy of prohibitions with cell phones in work spaces.

Updated: June 26, 2020 — 1:09 pm