Rachel Arndt, Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Passport Services, eases restrictions with cell phone usage in passport offices for employees. She notified employees in passport offices on March 23rd, via e-mail and a revised policy Memo describing employee responsibilities under this new policy, and also reaffirming Core Values of Our People, Integrity “by boosting morale…, valu[ing] feedback and repairing trust…”

As Ms. Arndt quotes to employees, “When we launched our Core Values last fall, I initiated the process of reviewing our PED policy…These are challenging times, and this policy will allow you to be more readily accessible while at work.  I know I can trust in all of you to ensure that [ information ] is safeguarded at all times. Thank you for your resilience and continued commitment to our mission and to each other.”

Back in December 2019, Union President Lee Wentz penned a letter to Ms. Arndt requesting a consideration for review of policy of prohibitions with cell phones in work spaces.