The NFFE 1998 national officers just received word from PMO that OMB and OPM are going to start requiring Vaccine Attestations from all DOS employees. This will most likely go live as early as tonight.

The Union is in a tough spot here because though they are willing to bargain with us on this, they have been instructed to do so POST implementation. Meaning they are going to do it no matter what and deal with the fall out afterwards.

As of right now it looks like they are just asking the question, letting you select what answer you want to give (vaccinated, only received 1 shot, not vaccinated, or decline to answer). It does not appear that they are asking for any actual medical documentation. You shouldn’t be required to provide any medical documentation. IF anyone asks you for medical documentation, please know you can speak with the Union first prior to giving anything.

All the emails and responses will be stored with MED only. It also appears that only one of two responses will be sent to your respective supervisors after your certification. The supervisors will only receive either, “This employee is not required to follow enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols,” or “this employee will be required to follow enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols.”

Enhanced protocols will include wearing a mask regardless of community transmission levels, physically distancing, and possible weekly tests for the COVID-19 virus. At this time the Union is already seeking to obtain Admin Time for anyone required to get a COVID test, as well as possible reimbursement for the tests.

We are all in this together, please everyone be safe!


NFFE1998 National Officers