As the National Officers, we acknowledge that sometimes our focus is too often on the broad picture of Passport Services as a whole. Sometimes there are aspects of our jobs that are particular to one agency, or even one group that unfortunately get missed. We need to rectify this especially now when our safety and health is particularly in danger.


Over the past two months the National Officers have been posing questions, concerns, and recommendations to PMO and to Headquarters on how and when officers will be reopened. Our top priorities are the health and safety of BUEs as individuals, and the job security and stress level once returning to work. While we have not received the answers we have hoped, we need to continue to pose these questions, and we need to be as thorough as possible.


In order for our Union to be strong, we need to ensure that we are continually receiving input from our members across the network. It is vital that you help us create the most robust list of recommendations, questions, and concerns.


We are asking for you, regardless of your GS level, service length, or agency to please respond to the following to


1. What is your top priority before returning to work?

2. What is your biggest concern when you return to work?

3. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for re-acclimation?

4. Do you have any questions or concerns that you believe are not being addressed? 

5. What are you most unhappy about during this situation? (How you are contacted? The amount of communication? Lack of consistency?) 


Even if you think your concerns have been heard, and are being addressed, we encourage you to send them anyway. This will allow us to ensure that we are indeed moving in the direction that best benefits and protects the BUE.


Your perspective is crucial. Without it, the Union cannot even begin to protect you and your rights. We want and need to hear from you no later than May 1, 2020.


In Solidarity,

Your NFFE1998 National Officers