The results are in and here are NFFE Local 1998’s elected leaders.

  • President:  Lee Wentz
  • Vice President:  Boyd Hinton
  • Recording Secretary:  Jason Vick
  • Secretary-Treasurer:  Ryan Gallerani
  • Conductor-Sentinel: Tony Shimmin
  • Auditors:  No Candidates Nominated
  • Trustees:  Anton Moyseyenko, Corinne Nielson and Robin Mullen
  • Office Committee Members:  Conor McGee, Dana Sibley and Tony Shimmin
  • Senior Stewards
    • AFO:  Lu Ann Johnson
    • Atlanta:  Katina Carter
    • Boston:  Conor McGee
    • Buffalo:  Jeri Titus
    • CPC:  Jonah Baker
    • Dallas:  Antonio Chrestotholos
    • Detroit:  John Caraway
    • Houston:  Daniel Sanders
    • Los Angeles:  Ronald Gibson
    • Offices of Law Enforcement Liaison:  Gerald Moore
    • Miami:  Dana Sibley
    • Minneapolis:  Ben Voas
    • New Orleans:  Debra Reese-Jolly
    • NPC:  Helen Bechard
    • New York:  Richard Phelps
    • San Diego:  Alex Abrego
    • Washington:  Intisar Na’im
    • WPC:  Patricia Spencer

All elected positions are for a term of 3 years, running from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022.  We extend our renewed thanks to all of the outgoing officers and representatives.

Updates to this website reflecting the results will be posted in the coming weeks along with new bios and other important information.