Good Afternoon from the Election Committee,

In preparation for the upcoming union election, some nominators received notices regarding a deadline of October 18, 2019 for nominees to respond to their nomination.  As with any large undertaking the Election Committee has fallen slightly behind, and as a result we are pushing back the deadline for nominees to accept their nominated position(s).  We anticipate all eligible nominees to receive notification by Tuesday, October 29, 2019.  The new tentative deadline for nominees to accept is Friday, November 8, 2019 giving nominees 10 days to consider their decision. We apologize for the delay and greatly appreciate your continued support.

Here is the updated calendar for the election:

*Tuesday, October 29: all nominees notified of their nominations

*Friday, November 8: deadline for nominees to accept their nominations and submit a photo and candidate statement

*Monday, November 18: ballots mailed

*Monday, December 9: recommended postmark date for returning ballots

*Thursday, December 19: receipt cutoff for ballots

Thank you for patience and understanding.

–NFFE 1998 Election Committee.