Dear brothers and sisters of NFFE Local 1998,


As we all know, there has been much to read in the news about Vaccinations for Federal Employees. 

Even though it is becoming clearer every day that this is not a mandatory requirement, we feel it is important to make our stance known as NFFE1998. 

Because this appears to be a moving target and we have yet to get all the details regarding this subject, we make the following provisional statement:

  • Safety of the workplace is paramount- we support efforts to increase vaccination rates to make the Federal workplace safe.
  • There must be reasonable exemptions to the vaccine policy.
  • Management must involve the Unions in arriving at the policy. Management must bargain with the Union on the details-to include, but is not limited to: who pays for testing, how much notice/warnings there will be, incentives, privacy, possible disciplinary action for not testing, etc.
  • We want more focus on education, encouragement, and less on threats and discipline.

As we get more details and bargaining comes into play, more information will be forth coming.  In the meantime, if you have further questions don’t hesitate to reach out to your local steward or one of the NFFE1998 National Officers.


In Solidarity,

Your NFFE1998 National Officers